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Potentiometer quality judgment skills



Potentiometer quality judgment skills

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2016/05/12 16:27
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With the passage of time, the development of modern technology is getting faster and faster, basically it changes every day.

With the passage of time, the development of modern science and technology is getting faster and faster, basically changing every day. For example; computers, mobile phones, cameras, televisions, etc. in the electronic market are all undergoing earth-shaking changes and updates.

Electronic components are also constantly changing and updating. The old devices with huge volume and poor electrical performance have been transformed into the current miniature precision components. Everything is inseparable from the rapid development of our information age. Inventing a technology or discovering something new in a certain day, in the current era of high-speed Internet development, it will be instantly copied or used by many, many others.

The rubidium potentiometer is also a product that came out in the same information age. However, many of the different types of potentiometers that have appeared in China are based on gourds. So how do we judge and analyze a potentiometer that is in our minds when choosing a potentiometer? Here we tell dear users some knowledge about potentiometers.

The selection and discrimination of conventional potentiometers depends on whether the appearance of the potentiometer is flawed. For example, the plating effect of metal parts is not uniform or the plating is dark and black. Are there any burrs on the edges of the metal parts? Does the terminal pin seem to be very thin, and is it easy to twist, if the potentiometer switch with the switch feels soft, it will not feel stiff. The plastic part is not too thick and does not feel thin. Electrical performance mainly depends on the material of the carbon film, the printing process of the carbon film, and the toughness of the paper sheet. There is also a combination effect of the potentiometer brush and the carbon film. The potentiometer's brush and carbon film determine the key parts of the potentiometer. Potentiometer brush materials are currently used; beryllium copper, copper, brass, white copper. Phosphor bronze. Phosphor bronze is used more often. Because the toughness of phosphor bronze is still relatively good. The carbon film printing technology and materials have played a key role. If the carbon film layer with poor wear resistance looks rough, and the coating lines are uneven and uneven, the high-quality carbon film layer looks neat and Uniform thickness. The toughness of the brush is the key to the life of the potentiometer. If the carbon layer is of good quality and the toughness of the brush is not good, then the overall quality of the potentiometer will not be good.

The quality of the potentiometer is not much related to a certain part. The key is the effect of the overall coordination of the parts of the potentiometer itself.

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