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Development of adjustable potentiometers



Development of adjustable potentiometers

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2016/05/12 16:20
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The so-called adjustable potentiometer is a varistor that can change the resistance value by external force

The so-called adjustable potentiometer is a varistor that can change the resistance value by external force. How much the resistance value changes, how quickly the resistance value changes, the accuracy of the resistance value change, and how many ohms the total resistance value depends on, are these parameters dependent on the level of the potentiometer product. At present, our independently produced potentiometers can be said to have achieved earth-shaking changes.

Why is there an earth-shaking change? The potentiometer product is actually very simple. Several people can produce it, and 200 people can produce it, but there is no problem in producing the potentiometer product. The quality is always stable. Are device manufacturers capable of innovating and innovating and perfect management processes? The development of our potentiometer has improved to a certain level. Analyzed from the structure of the potentiometer; the key components of the potentiometer are composed of the shaft center, the shaft sleeve, the housing, the moving piece, the brush, the carbon piece, and the terminal.

The shaft center, shaft sleeve, housing, and terminals are all metal stamping materials. The moving piece is plastic. You don't have to worry about this. We have no problem at all. Japan and Germany are just the same. The key is that the parts are brushes and carbon sheets. The material use level of the brushes and whether the carbon sheet printing is in place are related to whether the level of the potentiometer is high-end.

The materials of rubidium potentiometer brushes are phosphorous copper, beryllium copper, and white copper. High-end is generally beryllium copper. There are also more high-end brushes that use alloy wires, which are expensive. The carbon sheet is relatively more important because the printing of the carbon layer and silver layer on the surface of the carbon sheet and the quality of the material affect the quality of this potentiometer. Of course, it also has a certain impact on the production control and production environment. The key is that the level of materials and printing technology has a direct impact. At present, many users in the market require resistance symmetry.

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