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Company profile

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Chengdu tonyuexin co., LTD is specialized in the production of high-power ceramic resistance, wire-winding potentiometer, fine-tuning potentiometer, rotating carbon film potentiometer, wire-winding gold aluminum wire-winding resistance, ving-counting dial, knob, wire EMI noise filter, precision parts and so on...

Engaged in civil and military industrial products for many years, strict implementation of ISO9001,ISO2000 quality control system. Our products are widely used in electronic communication products, instrument measuring equipment, cable television equipment, electrical products, color television, color console, video and audio products and other products. In order to maintain the leading position in the industry, we further strengthen our product development capabilities. In addition, we are the first to introduce the world's leading high temperature polymerization furnace from the United States to set up the ceramic resistance component production line.

Chengdu tongyuexin co., LTD., currently has more than 500 employees, and we are proud to have 56 professional employees among all the workers (35 have more than 10 years of experience in the production of potentiometers and high-power resistors). In order to meet the needs of customers, once customers have a new idea, we will provide product design and development services,OEM services, the best after-sales service, the best support to customers. Providing large-scale recognized products for the war and civil industrial units, our company has made certain contributions to the national defense and economic prosperity of the motherland.

"Technical innovation, the pursuit of perfection, continuous improvement, continuous customer satisfaction" is our company's quality policy, "let customers completely satisfied" is our goal. All our employees are actively and diligently creating a brilliant tomorrow!